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        Sri Ramalingeswara Weaker Section Housing Charitable Trust, a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) doing lot of service to the public, particularly to the poor and downtrodden. Having a lot of land at Kapra, registered as a Housing Society in the Government of Andhra Pradesh Vide TBC. 271/1980 having its own bye-laws duly Registered with the Deputy Registrar of Co-operative Societies. And the Trust being registered under Trust Act 1882.

       Due to its commitment and being an NGO to obtain its housing programme to more than 9000 beneficiaries, Sri Ramalingeswara Weaker Section Housing Co-operative Society’s bye-laws were amended and registered as a CHARITABLE TRUST u/s 12A of Income Tax Act 1961. Accordingly the Society was converted as a CHARITABLE TRUST and its organs were extended other than housing to the involvement of the community in the social activity while offering several apparent and spin of benefits. The intention of the Trust to obtain support of other sources like grants for their operation in the society by raising their income ultimately leads to the concept of SWAWALAMBHAN, utilizing waste land development while planting various crops, herbs, Pongamia plants for producing Bio-diesel, for better avenues of income in Medak District.

       We are giving help to the in giving a special leverage to the Bio-Diesel production on a mass scale especially in Medak Dist, to go for JAHROPHA plantation in so many hectares is also a boon in two districts namely Medak District, Mehaboob Nagar District on pilot basis as the directions from the Government are in the process along with Lemon Grass and other Medicinal Plants.

       Due to the research work taken up on the ground water for avoiding fluoride content of the water, in Nalgonda District naturally it increases their livelihood on health grounds. Even the Government of A.P has taken up “Defluoridation” on top priority in Nalgonda District. Is a boon from July 2012 to onwards in A.P on war footing under the Ageis of Beloved speaker as the Chairman for the Committee appointed by the A.P. Government. The Hon’ble High Court in 2003 Pleased to direct the Government to provide Drinking Water is yet another source for approval of Pilot Project in Marriguda for constructing water testing lab is also a positive point in this issue.

       With this concept all these schemes were prepared and submitted for the consideration of the highest authorities of the Nation, the trust opted it to be the 10% margin money, We are having another 99 Acres of land of Gachibowli in the name of “Trust” is another source for meeting “Margin Money” towards approval of our project u/s. 35 Ac/ (I & II) is yet another source too. We are proposing “Centre for Excellence” a research centre on Deflouridation of Ground water @ Nalgonda District with the help of Government of Telangana under the Ageis of Dr.Venkateshwar who is a patent holder too.

       We are on the verge of obtaining clearances from the DSIR for clearances of Project on “Defluoridation of ground water” in Nalgonda District, and also we are constructing a 30 bedded Hospital for the Victims” of “Fluoride” Sufferers of Marriguda Mandal where the “Fluoride elements are 13 to 20 ppm.

       Recently we have submitted our pilot project for water testing at Marriguda for constructing a laboratory for finding out contents of “Fluoride elements in The ground water, as well as utilizing the services of “Dr. C.VENKATESHWARLU ” who is recognized as an inventor for Deflouridation in the Ground Water. And with the above professor and Scholar who got patent. We have submitted our project to the State Assembly speaker Sri. N.Manohar garu For “Defluoridation of ground Water” in Nalgonda District, Recently Telangana State Government recognized utilizing the services of Sri. Md. Mohinuddin a Scholar and resulted a grant of 100 crores for “Center for Excellence” at Choutuppal.

       Many a scholars’ and his associates Dr. Suman, Dr. Sangameshwar, Dr. Saidulu Dr. Vinith, Dr. Krishnaveni, Principal Prof: Sudharshan already starting purification of water in Nalgonda District with C.V. Technology. Recently the Telangana State Government recognized the inventions of Dr. Venkateshwarlu for Water Grid Project too, is a boon to the victims who are suffering from so many years and also his services are most useful for cleaning the Hussain Sagar if the Government recognizes his inventions in Particular.

       We are grateful to these stalwarts Advocates Sri. V.V.N.Moorthy, Sri.Nageshwar Reddy, Sri Raja shaker Reddy, Sri Shaik Jilani, Sri.Lion A.V.Swamy. Chartered Accountants Sri. T.Srinivas and Sri. Ram Prasad.

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